Friday, 5 July 2019

June in Review

I’ve not done one of these posts in months, so I thought I would take a little break from what promises to be a lot of Disney content and do a new month in review, and what better way to start with than June, as it’s been one of my favourite months I’ve had recently.

The month started with my last day at Topshop, which was sad but we all went out for a meal and drinks and it was lovely. Then, me and Sam had an early morning drive down to his parent’s house, where we had a lovely couple of days, including going to London to see Hugh Jackman, before we went on our second trip to Disneyland Paris, which was amazing. After Disney, we spent the rest of the week with Sam’s family as they had a family party, and then for Sam’s birthday we went for a day at Warhammer World.

We also went on a few days out this month, one to Chester and one to Manchester to see Cirque du Soleil, which nearly made me cry, it’s been one of my life goals to see Cirque du Soleil and now I’ve finally done it, and now I’m a very happy girl indeed.  I’ve also read a few books, and done a lot of planning for our upcoming Florida trip. It’s been a great month, and it’s made me very excited for the rest of the Summer now.


Wednesday, 3 July 2019

WDW Wednesdays: One Week to Go

And just like that it’s now one week until we go to Florida. I feel like this (my first trip) has been years in the making, but now it’s so close I’m starting to have those useless last minute holiday feelings, needless panics about outfits and the exchange rate and ‘what if I don’t recognise my suitcase on the carousel’, silly things like that. On the whole though, I am very very excited. I don’t want to give you a blow by blow account of what we’re doing just yet (otherwise why would you read the trip reports when I’m back?) but I will tell you all a rough idea of where we’ll be and when.

Day one: Magic Kingdom
Day two: Animal Kingdom
Day three: EPCOT
Day four: Magic Kingdom
Day five: EPCOT
Day six: Animal Kingdom
Day seven: Hollywood Studios
Day eight: EPCOT
Day nine: Animal Kingdom
Day ten: Hollywood Studios
Day eleven: Magic Kingdom
Day twelve: Magic Kingdom

That is where our fast passes are booked for anyway. I intend on watching all of the shows and parades too, and we also have two character meals booked, so that should be really good fun. I won’t be blogging at all whilst I’m there, so follow me on Instagram for all the live content, of which there will be loads.

Words cannot express how grateful I feel at being allowed to join in on the Page family holiday, and I am going to have the most magical time ever, I just know it.


Friday, 28 June 2019

Disneyland Paris June 2019: Day Three

The final day of our Disneyland Paris trip was a planned day of Marvel, with a couple of meets and a couple of shows that we wanted to see, so, after checking out of the hotel, we went to the Studios and got straight in line to meet Captain Marvel. She was an absolute dream and I loved the meet, but the second meet we did ended up being my favourite of the whole trip.

After we’d met Carol, we got in the queue for Captain America, and our timing was perfect once again, as the queue grew very very long not long after we’d joined. Whilst we were waiting for the meet, we half watched the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance-Off, and the Stark Expo shows, as they were both on the outdoor stages. We then met Captain America and it was seriously amazing! I chatted to him for ages, hugged him and I got to hold his shield, which means I am Captain America now. It has firmly cemented its place in my top 10 character meets ever!

After the best meet ever, I saw that Tiana and Naveen we’re out in the Disneyland Park, and, as we’d decided to go to Fuente Del Oro for lunch, we went over there and met them, had food and went on some rides, with the last one being Star Tours. We then went back over to the Studios, watched the two outdoor stage shows again, had an Avengers Croque Monseiur and another Captain Marvel pavlova and looked around the shops again before heading back to the airport to come home to some lasagne, with our next holiday now firmly on our minds.


Sunday, 23 June 2019

Disneyland Paris June 2019: Day Two

Day two of our Disneyland Paris trip started with Extra Magic Hour, during which we met Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, rode Peter Pan’s Flight and had breakfast in Market House Deli. We managed to do everything at the perfect time, because the queues for everything got really long after we’d done them. 

After official park opening, we decided to wander round and take photos for a bit, we also went in the castle because it’s just stunning up there, and then we headed over to Frontierland to meet Phantom Mickey. It wasn’t my favourite meet of the trip, as it felt like we were kind of being rushed through, but it was cool to see Mickey in his spooky outfit. We then rode on a couple more rides before heading over to the Studios to have a peek at the Marvel stuff. 

When we got to the Studios, the heavens opened so we decided to get some lunch in the form of the Captain Marvel menu, which had the nicest dessert in the whole world (passion fruit pavlova) I’d 100% recommended getting it if DLP ever bring it back, it was so nice. After we’d eaten and taken some photos of the giant Marvel statues, we decided to go and watch Super Heroes United, which was amazing, and then it was time to go back over to the main park for parade.

After parade we went in the Princess Pavillion again and met Ariel, who was delightful as always, and we then went on more rides and then had some food and a wander indoors, as it had pretty much rained all day. We both also got really cold so had to buy jumpers, so we decided to skip the fireworks again and headed back to the hotel via the Disney village, and had a bath to warm up before bed, where Sam managed to find some news to watch, and I managed to get a glorious nights sleep.


Friday, 21 June 2019

Disneyland Paris June 2019: Day One

I’m here with another trip report series for you; this time it’s Disneyland Paris from the start of June, but next time it’ll be a slightly longer series from Walt Disney World, which, if you didn’t know already, I visit for the first time ever in just 19 days! Anyway, on with the trip reports for this past trip.

We arrived at about lunch time as usual, and started our holiday with Sam’s favourite; BB8 burgers from Cafe Hyperion, and then our traditional first ride of the trip; Star Tours. After that we rode on Hyperspace Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, got some ice cream from Fantasia Gelati (they’ve gotten rid of the Fantasia flavour) and headed over to Phantom Manor. I’d not been on this ride in a very long time, and I really enjoyed the changes they’ve made to it in its long refurbishment period, it’s certainly rejuvenated my love for it. 

After riding on Phantom Manor, we went on some Fantasyland rides whilst we waited for the parade. After that, I saw that Rapunzel was in the Princess Pavilion so we went and met her. Meeting Rapunzel is always so much fun and this time was no different, and I’m very glad we saw her. After we met Punzie, we went for hot dogs and did some browsing/shopping before calling it a day. We couldn’t last until 11pm for the fireworks as we were both really tired from getting up at 4:30, so we walked back to HiPark and had an early night.


Friday, 14 June 2019

Disneyland Paris June 2019 Outfit Diary

Last week, Sam and I took a much needed break to Disneyland Paris, to see the Marvel season, to warm up for our upcoming Florida holiday, and as a way to cheer up an otherwise miserable couple of months. As usual I planned my outfits in advance, so I thought I’d do a little outfit diary of the trip.

Day one
Day one was also travel day, so I opted for something as comfy as I could get (I don’t really do casual dressing very well) which was a long tulle skirt from BooHoo and my Mickey Mouse ice creams top from Primark, which is probably my favourite Summer Disney item.

Day two 
Day two was myself and Sam’s matching outfits day. This time, as we were at a Sleeping Beauty castle, we wore matching Aurora themed t-shirts from the wonderful Quackers and Co. I wore team pink and Sam wore team blue. I just decided to wear this top with denim shorts for an easy middle day outfit.

Day three
Day three saw me wear a dress I’d purposely bought for this trip, and, because we’re amongst friends here, was also the reason I wanted to come on this trip rather than just waiting for Florida; my Captain Marvel dress from EMP. I love this dress and I got so many compliments on it. I’ll definitely be keeping it for future use, aka, every time I have a chance of meeting Captain Marvel.

I hope you enjoyed this little outfit diary, the trip reports are coming very soon.


Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Walt Disney World Wednesdays: 1 Month to Go

I actually can’t believe I’m writing this blog post, but today marks one month until we fly to Walt Disney World! I’ve never gotten close to this stage before, and I genuinely feel sick with nerves. It’s like I’m living in a dream and I’m going to wake up any minute and it’s all going to not really be happening, but, it’s safe to say that I am very, very excited. 

Almost everything is planned now, we just need the next four weeks to go quickly. I’ll be posting some outfit sneak peeks on Instagram, in the form of Instagram TV I think, so be sure to look out for those, and I’ll give you the full rundown of what we’re doing in a couple of Wednesdays time.