Monday 3 November 2014

Blogger Inspiration I: Wish Wish Wish

When I first decided to do an 'inspiration' series, I was going to do a style inspiration. Then I realised, aside from the obvious ones, (Audrey Hepburn/Jean Shrimpton/any lady from the 60s) I actually don't have any celebrity style inspirations. So I decided to do this little mini-series about the bloggers that inspire me. And, naturally in creating this little four parter, I thought I'd start with the first blog I ever read; WishWishWish.

Wish Wish Wish is, as you will probably all know already, run by the delightful Carrie. It is jam packed with Carrie's adventures (of which she has many), outfits, and her life in London, though she definitely never stays there for too long as she's always jet-setting. It is also filled with beautiful photography and wonderfully and professionally laid out, and extremely inspiring.

When I first read Wish Wish Wish way back in 2009, I was awe-stricken. This was a normal girl running a successful website, not a company, not a magazine, just a girl. Carrie definitely influenced my decision to start my own blog in 2010, and continues to inspire me today. I think my love for WishWishWish will definitely continue to grow, and, if I'm lucky enough to blog professionally one day, Carrie will definitely be the first person I look to for more inspiration.

Who inspired you to start blogging?


All images courtesy of WishWishWish

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