Thursday 13 November 2014

Posh Tea

I've never really had "posh tea". My parents have always been strictly PG Tips, and I've never really thought about drinking other teas. Then I went for afternoon tea for my birthday, and had some posh tea. The memory left my mind for a bit, then in a goody bag I got this teapigs tea bag and I thought I'd give it a whirl. The taste of it was amazing, and you really can taste the mix of the three different kinds of tea. 

I first tasted it without milk, but, despite not being the biggest fan of milk, I didn't really like the tea (maybe it's my unrefined palette) so I added milk. I also added sugar, and it tastes even better with it! 

For my first ever at home "posh tea", I really enjoyed it, and think/hope I will start to vary my tea in the future, after all, come Winter it is my go to drink.


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  1. I love tea! In Clevedon near where I live there is a cafe that sells SO many types, I'm working my way through the menu!