Monday 19 January 2015

Blog Love 1

Hello all, apparently it is the most depressing day of the year today. Well I'm not having that, so, to combat the blues (I'm apparently all about that these days), I'm starting a 'blog posts I've loved this week' series. So, without further ado, here's the post that started this idea:

Becky's 4 Ways to Support Fellow Bloggers

This post, along with Becky's weekly Friday Favourites series, are what inspired me to start this little series. I've always been one for positivity and supporting others, so when I read this it made me very happy, and I decided I wanted to use this teeny tiny corner of the Internet to do the same.

I know this was technically longer than a week ago now, but it's my first one of these, and I found Olivia's opinions on why it's ok to earn money from blogging was so refreshing; there's a lot of negativity on the web about this subject, so it was nice to see something positive written about it.

Zoe's posts are always inspirational, I love them all. But this week, she has posted two absolutely fabulous posts: one about what makes a successful blog, and another filled with brilliant writing tips (a subject which isn't often touched upon).

This post musing about blogging is a wonderful example of Audrey's wonderful way with words.

I was super happy when I found out Megan was back blogging after having to do loads of uni work, and she's come back with an amazing outfit (as usual). Just look at that bag!

Not only is this post floral-tastic, there are enough flower related puns to make you chuckle for hours on end. (I actually did this morning)

I hope you all enjoyed my favourite posts of the week.


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  1. Love that you've included two Bristol bloggers!! I love megans outfit posts, her skirts are always stunning and she and hem is just such a nice blog to read!