Wednesday 24 June 2015

How to Survive A Festival According to Me

I've been going to festivals now for a good few years (my first one was in 2004, the day after I got my GCSE results) so I think I've picked up a fair bit of knowledge about the subject (not that I know everything). So today, as a number of people are having a last minute panic about bringing enough stuff to Glastonbury, I thought I'd share some of the festival tips I use when getting ready for one myself.

1. Take practical clothes.
I know the festival collections out there are pretty, with all the floral playsuits and fringing and whatnot, but these to me just aren't practical for a festival. The jumpsuit may be gorgeous, but do you really want to wear it all day after its slopped in the mud whilst you were hovering over the disgusting toilet? No, me neither. I usually take denim shorts, t-shirts, maybe a skirt or dress, and that's all. 

2. Same goes with footwear.
You definitely need to make sure you have footwear that will be suitable for standing up in all day, will support your feet, but that you also don't mind getting a bit ruined.

3. Bring extra socks, tights and underwear.
This one is a given, especially seeing as your feet will get wet. 

4. Don't bring expensive gadgets.
Buy a cheap £10 phone, don't bring a dslr and leave your tablet at home. You can't charge them without having to pay loads anyway, and festivals are better lived in the moment.

5. Have fun and stay safe.
Most of all, remember this one. Festivals are some of the funnest events in life; you're with your friends, listening to great music and having a whale of a time, so just enjoy it. 

And now for a laugh: here are some photos of me at festivals.



  1. Brilliant post! I hope a lot of newbie festival goers read this because despite wanting to look "cool" at festivals you just need to be comfy & prepared for all weathers. Like you say don't bother taking your DSLR because chances are they won't let you in the arenas with them!
    Bee xxx

  2. I totally agree with the commenter above me! Also try to avoid playsuits/jumpsuits/anything where you can't go to the toilet easily as there are long queues at times and the toilets sometimes are not very clean...