Tuesday 9 June 2015

Starting My Tsum Tsum Collection

How cute are these? I first saw Tsum Tsums on Instagram, and then they started popping up on blogs, and, admittedly, I wasn't exactly taken with them at first. Then, on the day they launched at Clintons, I went in to my local store to see them in real life, and that changed my mind. And then I thought I had to get a Tsum Tsum. So, on my last payday, I bought Marie. having always been one of my favourite Disney animals, Marie was a natural first choice for a Tsum Tsum. 

For my second Tsum Tsum, I originally wanted to get Lady from Lady and the Tramp, but, at the weekend, Lee and I went to the Disney store to look at the cups obviously, and I saw the Dumbo one and fell in love. He is so cute, and I will get Lady as my next one. They are so cute, and at only £3 each for the mini ones, they are very affordable. I've decided to just get the animal ones, as I'm not exactly convinced on the human ones, but I think it's a cute way to collect some Disney.



  1. I'm bordering on obsessed with these, so far I have Marie, Olaf and Daisy duck- with an Ariel on it's way. I want them all eventually!

  2. I have miss bunny and Marie ! i am getting addicted too :)