Wednesday 15 July 2015

My Little Road Trip Box

Every month, I get excited about the upcoming theme of my My Little Box, and every month they always satisfy me. This month, unsurprisingly, the theme is travel, and the box is filled with wonderful little travel items, as well as some usual beauty bits.

Every single one of the little illustrations I have received so far always bring a smile to my face, and this one is no different.

This absolutely adorable little item is a holiday notebook that you can fill with your holiday memories and then POST to someone. How cute is that?!

A super handy travel organiser that I'll definitely be using forever.

And the beauty bits: a cleanser, some nail varnish, and an absolutely amazing smelling moisturiser.

I already can't wait to see what arrives next month.



  1. Such a cute box! I would love to buy this but then I'd be glum looking at all the travel themed items as I can't go travelling at the moment xD


  2. This is an awesome box! I'd love to have had something like this when I went traveling last year. I also really like the postcards, too. Adorable!

  3. amazing box!
    loving the Essie nail polish.

  4. What a fabulous little box of goodies, thanks for sharing.