Wednesday 23 September 2015

My Cosmo Blog Awards Nominations

There's now less than a week to go until the Cosmo Blog Awards nominations close, so I thought I'd share with you all the blogs that I have nominated.

Jo and Victoria are a pair that I have admired for a while now, their individual styles are wonderful, and they complement each other wonderfully. They also write about amazing lifestyle goings-on, which, in a blog, is my ideal reading material. 

I couldn't not nominate Megan, my absolute favourite blogger in the world. Her style and aesthetic are absolutely perfect, and I avidly read every post, because I know for a fact I'll love every word/picture.

Blog award winner extraordinaire, super stylish and all round coolest girl ever Olivia is next on my list of nominees- no surprise there. She is just wondrous, and deserves all the praise she gets.

A recent discovery of mine, and already a firm favourite, Jordan's blog is now on my go-to list. Her everyday-princess style is wonderful, and I'm always happy when I see she's updated.

The absolute queen of blogging as far as I'm concerned, Carrie's is the first blog I ever read, and her amazing style and penchant for travel ensure that I carry on visiting her blog, year in, year out.

So there were my nominations. They all absolutely deserve to win. If you feel like being generous and sparing me a nomination, you can do so here. Thanks in advance if you do.


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