Tuesday 29 September 2015

September Favourites

Time for another monthly favourites post. September has been a relatively quiet month for acquiring things, so this collection is quite small, but there are still some things I've loved this month.

My Little Box Print 
Overall, I wasn't a massive fan of this month's My Little Box, it was fashion week themed and had some things in it that weren't really me (I still don't even know what bb cream is) but I do like this print, as I always do.

Gilmore Girls
This isn't technically new, but every Autumn I start rewatching Gilmore Girls. It is the most Autumnal tv programme I know, and it makes me want to curl up with a hot drink, and lots of food, man those girls can eat.

Jack and Sally Tsum Tsums
I absolutely love the Nightmare Before Christmas, so when I saw the Tsum Tsums in the Disney Store, I picked them up and went straight to the till. I want Lock, Shock and Barrel next.

At the Cotton Traders event I went to last week, I was given the best thing I've ever got at a blogging event: a scrapbook. It was so thoughtful, and I can't wait to start being creative.

Crown and Glory Goodies
This month's Glitterati was full of Autumn goodness, so it was hard to pick items for this post, but I think these two crowns are my favourites.


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