Saturday 31 October 2015

October in Instagram

New Disney, Tamagotchi, Lee's Halloween costume, Nightmare Before Christmas mug, Halloween shop, Gilmore Girls series 2.

Tigger, Frozrn bath bomb, Sleeping Beauty's castle, film night (with Jelly Tots), booked Disney On Ice, new jumper.

Cute Halloween bits, Tigger again, adorable Perping Santas in Lush, reading, Tigger again, Paris weather.

Candy Mountain, waiting for Disney on Ice, Ariel and Eric, Montmartre, Notre Dame, the Disneyland Hotel.

Main Street, Tigger, new DVDs, new blog header, a cosplay side by side, Tigger.

New books, first hot chocolate of the season, booked Harry Potter tickets, Halloween, Screme Eggs, Trick or Treat sweets.


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  1. I had to scroll back to the kitty picture, I was sure it was Mae!