Sunday 31 January 2016

January in Instagram

The first Instagram post of 2016 is here! January always seems like a long month, so there's always plenty of photos to pack in to January's Instagram post. So I'll just jump straight in to it:

I have the Disney Dreams calendar again, hot chocolate got me through New Year's Day, updated phone background, mine and Lee's anniversary, Esmeralda.

Catching up with OUAT, White chocolate Olaf, Cinderella Sunday, reading, RIP David, pretty Charles Perrault Google.

Amazing pin, Shanghai Disney castle, RIP Alan, reading some more, first cosplay plan, Sailor Moon.

Being crafty with Lee, materials, more Sailor Moon (I watch it every day), Aurora, 2016 diary, Labyrinth.

Second cosplay plan, kitty snuggles, Creme Egg pot of joy, I love the moon stick, cosplay updates 1 & 2.

Sailor Moon manga (told you I'm obsessed), Unicorn Horns in Lush.


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