Thursday 4 February 2016

My Adult Colouring Story

Around new year, I watched a Mary Portas programme about what we as a nation bought in 2015, and on that list was the adult colouring book. A craze that is sweeping the nation, the adult colouring book still seems to be holding on for 2016, so I thought I'd share my adult colouring story.

When it all first started, I wasn't interested in adult colouring. I mean, sure the pictures were pretty, but I never saw myself getting one (and I could never justify some of the prices for them). The animal kingdom, enchanted forest sort of themes never interested me one bit. Then along came the Game of Thrones colouring book, which piqued my interest a bit, but still I resisted. I just found better things to spend my money on, read: wine and cake. But, a few weeks later I saw a tweet that changed my mind entirely: there was going to be a Harry Potter colouring book. 

I eagerly awaited my next payday, when the said Harry Potter colouring book would be mine. I got it the exact day I got paid, and, since I earned enough stamps on my Waterstones card to get a £10 voucher, I treated myself to the Game of Thrones book too (which actually still remains untouched).

I coloured in my Harry Potter book for a few days religiously before my interest started to peter out. Then, I found Disney colouring books, so I asked for two for Christmas: the Frozen one and the Disney Princess one, which I did receive. I have slowly started them, but I think they will still last me a while yet. And now there's a new Harry Potter one out, I may just stick with this colouring in thing for a while. Even if it is slowly but surely.


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