Saturday 26 March 2016

March in Instagram/ Saturday Catch-up

Hello! I thought it was time for a new series on here, and I've decided, since I seem to take a lot more photos on Instagram lately, I am going to do a sort of weekly catch-up and Instagram post every Saturday. Since this is the first one I am putting my March (well, most of March) in Instagram post on here too, but I promise after today it'll just be a weeks worth of Instagram pictures. So, here we go:

New Disney, Tsum Tsums, Pokemon Yellow, Mithers Day, volume 5 of Sailor Moon, my favourite chocolate.

Cinema treat, International Women's Day, white Kit Kat, a cosplay edit, daffodils, new phone case.

Painted my nails for the first time in ages, dreamy bag, early Easter egg, new skirt, volume 6 of Sailor Moon, watching Cinderella.

All my Sailor Moon volumes (so far), Mini Egg cake, Marie cushion, my actual favourite thing in the world, Wendy, counting down to DLP.

Egg n Spoons, the first day of Spring, Magic Kingdoms, new books, mermaid, more daffodils.

This week I have been... Eating all the Easter themed food, playing Disney Magic Kingdoms, making plans with friends, going for payday drinks, buying a couple of payday treats, and now I plan to chill on my three day break. 

See you next week.


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