Wednesday 17 August 2016

My Five Favourite (Gen 1) Pokemon

Well I think it's safe to say everyone is playing Pokemon Go at the minute, so the original 151 Pokemon are back on everyone's minds. So, naturally we've all started reminiscing on who our favourite Pokemon are. And it is with this in mind that I bring you today's post: my five favourite Gen 1 Pokemon. This list isn't based on how good they are at fighting etc, and most of them I don't even know why they're my favourites, but I'll try to elaborate on my choices as I go through them. So here they are: 

5. Articuno
There's a reason I chose Team Mystic as my team in Pokemon Go. Of all the legendary birds in Gen 1 Pokemon, Articuno is my favourite. I used to get so excited when I caught it in the game too.

4. Jigglypuff 
Of course there was going to be a pink Pokemon in here, it is me after all. This is the only one that is in here based on sheer cuteness.

3. Pikachu
Of course Pikachu would be in here, he is the face of Pokemon and my favourite starter Pokemon, I even played Pokemon Yellow exclusively just so I could have Pikachu.

2. Eevee
Ok, let's be honest, Eevee is amazing. Not only because she is literally the cutest thing ever, but because she can turn into so many different Pokemon, and three of them are in the first generation. She is just brilliant.

1. Ninetails
I don't even know why Ninetails is my favourite Pokemon, all I know is that, from the first time I played Pokemon Stadium, this Pokemon became my favourite, and it always will be.

Who are your favourite Pokemon?


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