Wednesday 19 October 2016

My Luby and Lola Ears

Now that I am a bit more of a Disneyland Paris regular, I get a fair bit of use out of my ears, and, a lot of folks say that for every Disney trip, you need to get a new pair of ears. So, for my Halloween trip, I went for a look on Etsy for some, and I stumbled across Luby and Lola. Her ears are wonderful and they are so affordable, I paid about £20 for both pairs including delivery, so I was extremely happy with my first (and second) pair of non-park bought Disney ears. I was originally going to get just one pair of these ears, inspired by two of my three favourite princesses: Aurora and Ariel (Rapunzel is my other favourite, fyi) but, in the end, I just couldn't decide between them, so I got both, and with my trip being two and a half days long, they will be perfect to wear one a day. 

I highly recommend these ears, there are loads of choices, and for first-time Disney ear buyers (apart from the standard Minnie ears obv), they are perfect. Now I just need the next twelve days to hurry up so I can wear them!


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