Sunday 6 November 2016

October MCM Comic Con

Last Sunday I went to my fourth, yes, fourth Comic Con of the year, MCM London. I actually managed to blog about it before I lost all my photos/videos this time, and so I can write a nice visual post for you all.

I wasn't planning on going to any panels at this con, so instead I spent a lot of time admiring the cosplays on show. I cosplayed as Sailor Aurora as part of a Disney Sailor Moon crossover group, but, due to getting delayed at Victoria underground station, I missed the Disney meet. I saw people coming out of it though that looked amazing, I am always in awe of amazing Disney cosplays. After our timing disaster, myself and Lee decided to wander round the stalls and halls in general, looking out for cosplays in the meantime. As usual, we saw a lot of things we wanted to buy, but, as we were heading to Paris almost immediately after the con, we decided to be good and save souvenir buying for next May.

It soon came to my favourite part of any convention: the cosplay masquerade, so we raced to the Gold stage in order to get good seats for it (which we did) and we sat back and watched the showcase of amazing cosplays. As usual, I wasn't disappointed, and it even inspired Lee to want to take part in one one day. I especially loved the Love Live group, the Majora's Mask performance, and Megan and Alex as Belle and the Beast.

Overall I had a fantastic day at MCM, and hopefully next time I'll manage to make it for the whole weekend rather than just one day. You can see all of my photos from MCM on my cosplay page, I can't wait for the next con now.


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