Monday 14 November 2016

Sailor Aurora Cosplay

I have now been to all of the conventions I am planning on going to this year, so I thought, as I've done with all my other cosplays, I thought I would have a separate post for my cosplay from MCM October. At this con, I went as Sailor Aurora as part of a Disney/Sailor Moon crossover group, along with Ellen and Jasmine. 

The costume was incredibly easy to make, as I already had an Aurora costume base from February. So I used the peplum from that, and altered the skirt to make it a sailor scout length. I used a t-shirt pattern to make the top, and extra pieces of fabric for the bows. The little neck detail thing that the scouts wear, I cut a piece of the material that was leftover from the skirt, and attached it to my front bow for ease of wear. And that is basically it.

You can follow my cosplays more on my cosplay page here.


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