Thursday 1 December 2016

Welcome to Blogmas

I am doing blogmas again! After failing spectacularly at it last year, I thought I would give it another go, hoping I stick to it properly this year. I have planned all my posts out so I can (and by the time you read this, will have) schedule a fair few of them, so I have more of a chance of actually completing both blogmas and vlogmas this year. (Oh yeah, I'm doing vlogmas too, you can see that here.)

So today I thought I'd keep this post as a nice, short, welcome to my blogmas type post. Expect to see festive recipes, more gift guides, festive outfits, festive decor, and just general Christmassy stuff. I hope you enjoy it, I am going to try super super hard to blog every day in December for this, so wish me luck, and if you're doing Blogmas or Vlogmas too, leyt me know and I'll be sure to follow along.


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