Monday 6 February 2017

Team Swim

Yesterday I went to meet some of my friends Sammy, Rachel and Jade, and we had a day out in Manchester. It is something we do every few months, as we all went to a Manchester Disney meet up last year and instantly clicked, so we like to meet up sometimes and have a catch up. The day usually follows the same pattern; we go to the Disney Store (obvs) and Primark, and for some food. This time, we opted for VRev; a vegan diner, as Sammy and Rachel were eager to try it. I had a fake chicken burger called Buffalo the Vampire Slayer, which wasn't the only pun on the menu, and a very affordable Fentiman's Lemonade, that I was very happy about. I'd like to go again to try their dessert though, as vegan dessert intrigues me. When we were in Primark, we saw these adorable cup/tumbler things, which we all decided to buy, and obviously we had to have photos with them altogether, because we are all definitely mermaids. We decided to call ourselves Team Swim. 

I love every minute I spend with these girls, and I am so excited to have many more adventures with them all.


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