Saturday 1 April 2017

Disney Trip Bucket List: Did I Do It?

Before I went to Disneyland Paris this week, I wrote a little list of things I wanted to do, so today I thought I would revisit the list and see what I managed to achieve.

1. See all of the new 25th anniversary stuff.
Yes I did this one, the park is decorated beautifully, the characters look wonderful in their new outfits, and the new entertainment is spectacular. 

2. Meet a princess and prince together.
I met Aladdin and Jasmine together, which I was very happy about because I've never met either of them.

3. Ride Tower of Terror.
Yes. This ride was amazing, I actually loved it.

4. Buy a LE 25th anniversary pin.
I didn't quite get a limited edition pin, but I got a 25th anniversary pin.

5. Fill an autograph book.
Yes I did this one, granted, it was only 15 pages, but I still managed it.

6. Get some last on Main Street photos.
Did this one with the lovely Jade.

7. Eat at Annette's Diner.
I did it, finally. I'm so happy.

8. Have some castle photos.
As you can see from the picture in this post, I did this.

9. Get an annual photopass.
Did this, and got some great photos already.

10. Eat some Mickey shaped food.
This is actually the only one on the list that I didn't do, but I did get a 25th anniversary doughnut so, swings and roundabouts.

11. Meet Chip and Dale.
Having not done this since 1993, I am pleased to say I did this, and what's more, we got to meet them with the Chip and Dale queen Chelsea.

12. Go in the Princess Pavillion.
We did this when we found out that Rachel's favourite princess Ariel was in there.

13. Get a fastpass.
I actually got two fastpasses, so proud.

14. Go to EMH every day.
Yep, did this. I may be tired now still, but it was worth it.

15. Make sure Rachel has the most magical trip ever.
I mean, I hope I managed this one.

Well I think I did very well in achieving a solid 13, maybe 14 out of 15. Now I just need another trip so I can make another list.


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