Friday 14 April 2017

Disneyland Paris March Trip Report; Day One

So back in March, myself and Rachel spent a wonderful three days in Disneyland Paris for the start of the 25th Anniversary celebrations. So I thought I would do a little day by day trip report, and today I'm writing about day one: the 28th March. 

The day started very early indeed, with a 4am alarm, to get the bus to the airport at 5am for our 6:45am flight. I don't really have much to say about the flight, other than we were both excitedly talking about the upcoming days. So we got to Charles de Gaulle airport and then we missed the TGV, and the next one wasn't for a couple of hours, so we got the Magic Shuttle instead. It was my first time doing this and I was very impressed with it. The driver asks you which hotel you're staying in and it takes you directly to your hotel. So we dropped our bags off and headed to the park, where we got Rachel her Annual Pass and Photopass. We then went into the Princess Pavillion when we found out that Rachel's favourite princess, Ariel, was in there. After we met Ariel, we went on Small World and then headed over to Cafe Hyperion for Jedi burgers and Yoda cupcakes. After that, we went on Buzz Lightyear and then got ready for our first viewing of Stars on Parade, which I absolutely loved. I will be talking about the parade in a separate blog post, so I won't say a lot on this post, but it's safe to say I loved it.

After the parade, we went on some more rides: Big Thunder Mountain, Phantom Manor and Indiana Jones. We then went back to Main Street to get a Casey's before Illuminations, which, again, I enjoyed. After that, we went and looked around the shops so we could do some last on Main Street photos. It didn't take very long at all, and we were amongst the last ones there taking photos. After our photos (and a goodbye kiss from Mickey) we headed to the Sequoia Lodge to check in and grab a quick drink at the bar. After our drink, we went to our room to get some sleep before Extra Magic Hours the next day.

Check back tomorrow for day 2 of our trip, and head over to YouTube soon for vlogs of the trip.


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