Wednesday 17 May 2017

An All New 30 Before 30

So I have been 29 for just over a week now, which can mean only one thing, I have less than 51 weeks until I turn 30. I know I made a little 30 before 30 list a couple of years ago, back when I was a naive 27 year old, but, with a year to go, I don't have a lot of time left to complete some of the bigger things on the list, so I decided I would make a new, more manageable list for the next year. There are some slightly modified things from the original list, and some new additions. So here is my new list, I hope you like it.

1. Stay at another Disney hotel.
2. Have every character meal at Disneyland Paris.
3. Book a trip to another Disney park.
4. Get all the Disney Classics on DVD.
5. Get 1000 Instagram followers.
6. Complete an A-Z reading challenge.
7. Write a fantasy novel.
8. Go to a new place on holiday.
9. Get back into baking.
10. Have afternoon tea again.
11. Go to the opera or the Proms.
12. Go to the ballet.
13. Discover a new place in the UK
14. Go to a convention other than the ones in London.
15. Get 100 YouTube subscribers.
16. Get better with money.
17. Move out.
18. Drink more water.
19. Learn French.
20. Go to a wine tasting.
21. Go to a spa.
22. Go to a murder mystery dinner.
23. Read 50 more books.
24. Try and get a book published.
25. Get a Disney or Harry Potter tattoo.
26. Get a Kitchen Aid.
27. Write a Disneyland Paris travel guide.
28. Eat at as many places as I can in Disneyland Paris.
29. Go on a Team Swim holiday.
30. Be successful.

So I hope I can do all of these things.


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