Wednesday 14 June 2017

30 Before 30 Update

Last month, I decided to update my 30 before 30, and I wrote a blog post about it, and I decided, to keep me motivated, I would do a little monthly update of the list, starting with today. So I will start with the ones I have already achieved and then the ones that I am on the way to achieving.

14. Go to a convention outside of London.
I did this one a couple of weeks ago, when I went to Collectormania in Birmingham.

29. Go on a team swim holiday.
This one is happening next weekend. We are going to Disneyland Paris together. (Because where else would we go really?)

6. Complete an A-Z reading challenge.
I am well on the way to completing this one, I only have 10 letters left to go.

27. Write a Disneyland Paris travel guide.
This is a work in progress at the minute, but I'll get a chunk of it done after my trip next weekend.

19. Learn French.
This is also a work in progress, I am just starting learning it again, but I am slowly learning.

18. Drink more water.
I am definitely trying my best with this one, and I'm improving.

That's it, I think. I will try and have more done by next month.


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