Monday 10 July 2017

Disneyland Paris Trip Report June 2017: Day Four

Welcome to my final trip report of my June Disneyland Paris trip, you can see day one here, day two here, and day three here.

Day four was our last day, so we set our 6am alarms again and quickly packed up our cases. We put our bags in the concierge and then headed in to the parks to meet Goofy and Pluto, where we had the funnest photopass photographer. As we were bounding as Neverland characters, he kept crowing at me and imitating a crocodile to Rachel. We then went to get a fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain and got in the Peter Pan meet queue, where we met Mr Smee, and the photo looked great as he completed our Neverland lineup. 

After we met Smee, we went on Big Thunder Mountain and then I went back to meet Peter and Wendy whilst the others went shopping. As I was walking around after my meet, I saw Sammy and Jenna heading to the old mill where Belle was meeting in her village dress, and so I went and joined them for that. We then went to the emporium, where I got some of the 25th anniversary ears and Rachel and Jade got Rapunzel tiaras, and then we went for some food. I'd not had a croque monseiur yet on this trip, so I went to get one and then sat in Liberty arcade to wait for the others.

When everyone was back, we went to get a pineapple whip and watched the Starlit Princess Waltz for one last time, but it started raining so they had to stop the show, so we went on Small World and then to buy a poncho. We then watched the parade from the start of the route, and then went down to the end of the route to watch it again. We then grudgingly left the park and headed to the airport to go home.


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