Wednesday 30 August 2017

Completing my A-Z Reading Challenge

At the start of the year, I decided, along with my mum, to do an A-Z reading challenge, where you have to read a book with an author with a surname starting with each letter of the alphabet, and this morning, still in August, I completed the challenge, with almost four months to spare. Now it's no secret that I am an avid reader, but to complete this challenge before Autumn even started surprised even me. So I thought I would list here each book that I read, along with the rating I gave it on Goodreads.

A-Richard Adams- Watership Down (3/5)
B- Mark Burgess- View from a Hill (3/5)
C- Isabel Colegate- The Shooting Party (3/5)
D- Marguerite Duras- Moderato Cantabile (4/5)
E- George Eliot- Janet's Repentance (3/5)
F-E. M. Forster- Where Angels Fear to Tread (4/5)
G- Graham Greene- The Honourary Cosul (2/5)
H- L. P. Hartley- The Go-Between (3/5)
I- Kazuo Ishiguro- Never Let Me Go (5/5)
J- Shirley Jackson- The Haunting of Hill House (4/5)
K- Rudyard Kipling- Captain's Courageous (2/5)
L- Gaston Leroux- The Phantom of the Opera (4/5)
M- Frank Miller- Batman Year One (3/5)
N- R. K. Narayan- Under the Banyan Tree and other stories (3/5)
O- Amos Oz- Between Friends (3/5)
P- Alan Partridge- Nomad (4/5)
Q- Anthony Quinn- Freya (4/5)
R- J. K. Rowling- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them : the Original Screenplay (5/5 obviously)
S- W. G. Sebald- Vertigo (3/5)
T- Naoko Takeuchi- Codename Sailor V (5/5)
U- John Updike- A Month of Sundays (1/5)
V- Elizabeth Von Arnim- The Enchanted April (3/5)
W- Vita Sackville West- All Passion Spent (I cheated a little bit with this one, but this author could come under s or w technically) (3/5)
X- Stacy Xavier- On Her Own Two Wheels (3/5)
Y- Richard Yates- The Easter Parade (4/5)
Z- Emile Zola- The Dream (3/5)

This challenge has taught me a few things: one, to branch out and discover some new authors, two, to search for books I think I would enjoy rather than just sticking to the books that are in the 1001 books to read before you die (I do love making my way through that book though by the way), and three, I'm quite a harsh marker on Goodreads. I would recommend this challenge to anyone, and me and my mum are already trying to think of ideas for next year's challenge. Now I just need to finish my yearly reading goal of 50 and I'll be one happy reader.


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