Friday 8 September 2017

Walt Disney World Planning 2: The Beginning of Planning

It is now 8 months until I go to Walt Disney World (its scary how these months are passing so quickly) so I thought it was time for another blog update on my trip. So this month it really started to hit me that I am going so soon, so I have tried to start planning, with coming up with a rough idea of what I want to do. So here it is:

One Universal day (really I just want to do the Harry Potter stuff)
One waterpark day (I don't really like slides so this could just turn into a pool day)
12 Disney days. I would really like to do 4 parks in one day on one day, and one of the days might just end up being shopping/chilling, I'm only just starting to plan this properly so I don't have much idea of when I'll go to which park yet. 


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