Thursday 2 November 2017

What I Bought From MCM Expo

On Sunday, I went to my last comic con of the year, MCM Expo in London. I will be posting about the day soon, but today I thought I’d talk about the things I bought.

I pretty much always buy alpacas now from comic con, and I’ve wanted a lilac one since May, so I saw one at the Tofu Cute stalk and snapped it up. I have decided to call her Parma Violet, as I always make my alpacas after sweet foods.

Mike Wheeler Pop Vinyl
My favourite character from Stranger Things (as you may know) is Mike, and I love the Funko stand at mcm, so I went along and got a Mike pop vinyl.

Disney pins
My other biggest tradition at comic con is to buy at least one Disney pin from Elaine at N6. This year I got a Christmas Aurora and an absolutely adorable Alice ear hat pin.


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