Tuesday 12 June 2018

Summer Bucket List

Another season means another list of things I want to do over on Nic Ooh La La, and this Summer is no different. I love Summer because it feels like there is so much daytime in the Summer, it stays light for such a long time, which makes me feel a lot more productive, so this list will reflect that. Here we go; the things I want to do this Summer:

1. Get a picnic basket, and go on loads of picnics.
2. Have a beach day, maybe at a new beach.
3. Explore somewhere new.
4. Write a novel draft for Camp NaNoWriMo.
5. Go to an outdoor pool and/or cinema.
6. Get my side project well and truly up and running.
7. Learn something new.
8. Make/bake something new.
9. Start YouTube again.
10. Make the absolute most of the Summer before the days start getting darker again.

So there we have it! The things I want to do this Summer.


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