Friday 27 July 2018

A Trip to Brighton

Last week, during my week off, myself and Lee took a trip to Brighton to make the most of this wonderful weather we’ve been having in the UK lately. I thought I would do a blog post about the trip.

We got to Brighton mid afternoon, after traveling to London and then on to the seaside, so, after we’d checked in to our hotel (where we stayed in a loft apartment) and had a quick bite to eat, we went down to the seafront to have a look at the beach and the pier, where we had a relaxing evening, made some food and had another toast to France winning the World Cup, having a lovely bottle of wine and a relaxing evening.

The next few days were spent relaxing on the beach, playing on the horse racing game and the dance machine in the arcades, wandering on the lanes, visiting the Royal Pavilion, eating ice creams and doughnuts, and generally having a lovely relaxing time by the sea. Our evenings were spent between eating out, cooking food, going for drinks in the local bars, and having drinks in our loft. All in all it was a lovely relaxing week, which was much different to the holidays I usually go on, and a nice change. I would definitely recommend taking a trip to Brighton.


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