Sunday 1 July 2018

What I Read: June

I’m still playing catch up on my yearly reading challenge, but I managed to read three books in June, two of which were long books, so I’m slowly making some ground back. So, here are the books I read in June:

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas
The fourth instalment of the Throne of Glass series has been my favourite one so far, I was on the edge of my seat whilst reading the whole thing.

Needful Things by Stephen King
Personally, I find Stephen King books very hot and miss, but, even though it took me forever to read, I actually enjoyed this one, the story moved along really well and the ending was perfect for a horror book.

Psycho by Robert Bloch
This book was a great one sitting book to read in an evening, I can’t really say much else about it because the whole story is so iconic, other than read the book, it’s great.

Hopefully July will be a more productive month.


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