Wednesday 17 October 2018

Disney Loves Jazz

Can you believe I’ve not posted anything on here in over a month?! I really lost my blogging mojo (and all my mojo really, but that’s a story for a different time) so I realised I never wrote anything about my latest Disneyland Paris trip; the Disney Loves Jazz event, which is going to change right now.

The event took place on the 29th September in the Walt Disney Studios Park, and I attended it with a few of my Disney pals. When we arrived at the event, we were greeted by a group playing jazz and getting the guests really involved, which was amazing, so we stayed and watched them for a minute before heading in to the park for the event.

At the event, Edgar from the Aristocats was making his worldwide debut, so, having walked past the meet for Tiana and Naveen, we headed over there. The queue was, however, huge, so a few of us went back towards the Tiana and Naveen meet, where we met Louis and Dr. Facilier. Afterwards, we went to meet Oswald and Ortensia, who had a really short queue due to their having met at another event a couple of weeks before, and Mickey and Minnie, who had very jazzy outfits on indeed. We then went to meet Edgar and the Aristocats, before grabbing a pretzel and heading back to the HiPark hotel.

The night wasn’t without its hiccups, but overall I had a good time, and the jazz music throughout the park fit the atmosphere of the Studios Park very well.


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