Tuesday 9 September 2014

Quayside Sunday

Blouse, skirt, shoes- Primark
Coat- eBay

These photos were actually scheduled for Sunday, but they didn't post, so I'm posting them today.

As my last blog was a mainly fashion oriented place, outfit photos just seemed a normal thing to do on a day off, and when I started this one, because I wanted it to be more lifestyle instead, I toyed with the idea of not even doing outfit posts at all. Then I thought, well, they're another layer to add to your blog, so why not?! So, to cut a long story short; I wasn't going to do outfit photos, now I am.

These photos were taken a couple of Sundays ago, when the weather was extremely topsy turvy, hence the coat and umbrella. Salford Quays is one of Lee's absolute favourite places in Manchester, and it looks pretty nice in photos too, so we often go there for a walk/taking photos session. I'm wearing all Primark, which I often do on days where I'm not wearing all Topshop (I have to do that, for work), and, though I'm not usually a big fan of colour blocking, even typing it makes me cringe, I think it looks ok when one of the colours is a pastel. It's just not as bold.


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