Sunday 21 September 2014

Recapturing My Love for Disney

As a child, I absolutely LOVED Disney. I went to Disneyland Paris back when it was still called Euro Disney, I went to the grand opening of the Disney store in Manchester, I had princess dresses (Snow White and Belle), I had all the videos- you name it. But as an adult, I somehow stopped admitting how much I loved it. I don't know why I stopped admitting it, maybe it's because I'm in my twenties and everyone says Disney is for kids. Then one day it just clicked; I don't care if people think it's for kids, I love Disney. I was inspired to recapture my love for Disney by bloggers such as Megan and Stephanie. They love Disney unashamedly, so why shouldn't I? Exactly. So I decided to recapture my love for it. Above are the Disney DVDs that I already own (except the Princess and the Frog, I can't find that one), but there are many more on my list, such as Sleeping Beauty, Up, and Anastasia.

In my quest to recapture my love for all things Disney, I've also planned a long overdue trip back to Disneyland Paris in February, and am trying to prepare Lee for this by making him watch Disney films. He loved the Lion King and Aladdin, so here's hoping. I'm going to go all out when we're there, and get all the autographs and meet some characters and wear Minnie Mouse ears. After all, what is life for if not to enjoy it? I say, love what you love and don't be ashamed. I've also created a little Disney board on Pinterest, so I can keep myself inspired.


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