Wednesday 29 October 2014

October in Instagram

I know this is a bit early, but I'm feeling super organised at the minute, so here is my October:

New calendar picture, my failed attempt at Lovetober, daisy, Sleeping Beauty, pink raspberry lemonade, photobooth fun.

Halloween cake, me and Lee, wine, my bookcase, Disney love, my four layer Victoria Sponge for the GBBO final.

My blogging idol Megan following me on Twitter, pastel coat, more Disney love, big Kev & his birthday cake, new book, Pinterest.

Poppet, one of my favourite recent outfits, beautiful Sleeping Beauty cover, Halloween-y mug, I'm clearly obsessed with Disney, Christmas present coat.

New book again, huge hot chocolates, Crown and Glory Glitterati items.

And, last but not least:


It's been a bit of a long, slow month this month, 5 weeks in-between paydays will do that to you. Hopefully my November will be a bit more fun.



  1. I fail photo challenges too! (I'm assuming that's what Lovetober is?) those doughnuts look yummy... I want one now :D


    1. Yeah it's a photo challenge. I'm good at the December one, I've done that for two years x

  2. I love F.Scott Fitzgerald and his writing,I love the cover of the last tycoon,I have a less pretty edition at home! xx