Monday 8 December 2014

Christmas so Far: A Photo Diary

I'm back to Blogmas after my hiatus, and what better day to do that than the day of a photo diary?! I decided to do my photo diary as a Christmas so far kind of thing, as retail tries it's hardest every year to make me hate Christmas. I like to try and not make that happen, so I thought I'd share with you my photos of getting into the Christmas spirit.

1. Festive food and drinks.
This is where the majority of my Christmas so far photos have come from, as I love a Christmas themed cake or chocolate bar. I also love the fact that you can just eat loads of Celebrations and no-one cares (although I am sad that there's no Galaxy Truffle any more, who even likes Twix anyway?!).

2. Novelty items.
I like a good novelty item as much as the next guy, especially in handbag form. So when I spotted this New Look clutch on ASOS, I knew I had to have it. Similarly with both of these jumpers, because of my discount I managed to get them both for £35! 

3. General Christmassy-ness.
I know that's not a real word at all, but you know what I mean. These snaps are all the 'misc' photos that I plonk into the Christmas theme. I absolutely love decorations, candles and advent calendars, they make me feel so festive.

How has your Christmas been going so far?


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