Tuesday 30 December 2014

Winter Bucket List Progress

It's the second to last day of 2014, how crazy is that?! I thought today I'd do a little progress of my Winter Bucket List

1. Wear more red lipstick.
I love red when it's December. And I love red lipstick. The only problem I have with red lipstick is I'm afraid of looking too Glenn Close. However, I decided to not let that get in my way, and I've tried to wear red lipstick as much as I can.

3. Make a gingerbread house.
I did this the Saturday before Christmas. It didn't stay together for very long but it was delicious and fun to make. I think it's going to become a little tradition for me and my friend Sam. You can find my recipe here.

4. Watch White Christmas.
My absolute favourite Christmas film, I watch it year in, year out.

6. Buy something in the sales.
I bought these shoes and this skirt in the Topshop sale today with the gift card I got for working Boxing Day. The best part: the skirt cost £5!

8. Try Lush bath bombs.
A few weeks ago, I asked a couple of big Lush fans on Twitter which the best products to use were, and a few said Snow Angel, so I tried it. I loved it, I'll definitely use Lush again when I want to treat myself.

I'm actually surprised at how many of my items (?) I managed to tick off in December, only a few left to go now.


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