Thursday 8 January 2015

Curing the Winter Blues: Part One

Let's face it, we all hate Winter. It's cold, it's always dark, and, other than Christmas, there's nothing really good about it. So I've decided to come up with a new mini series on getting rid of the Winter blues. And here is part one.


Images from Pinterest.

Due to the constant dark that Winter brings, there is a lot of indoors time. So, rather than sitting around doing nothing, why not try doing some DIY? I'm planning on doing some very special DIY this Winter (more on this next week), but also have smaller DIY projects planned, such as scrapbooking and little home things. If you're no good at traditional DIY, why not try making something small like a jewellery holder? 

Here are some ideas of DIY you can try:
- scrapbook 
- memory jar
- cushions
- clothing customisation
- up cycling 
- make your own clothes
- jewellery holder

I hope this has inspired you. Stay tined for part two.


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