Tuesday 17 February 2015

London Bridge is Falling Down

Dress- Vintage
Jumper- Paris
Scarf- Handmade
Skirt, Shoes- Topshop
Hair Grips- Crown & Glory

So, I've finally gotten around to posting the first of my London outfits, and I think the scenery in these photos screams 'tourist', but I don't care. I did ask around on Twitter before I went for good places to take outfit photos, but I just thought, hey, let's be super tourist-y in my snaps. 

I thought I'd wear what I call my merry-go-round dress, as I actually got it on one of my past London trips, so I thought it'd be a good outfit, plus it's really comfortable, which makes it great for a day of walking around loads. I absolutely adore these hair clips from Crown and Glory, and I'll definitely be wearing them throughout the Spring.


ps. I know that it's Tower bridge in the background, but there's no playground song about that so I used London Bridge instead.

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