Sunday 22 March 2015

Five Cinderella-Worthy Nail Polishes

Are you bored of Cinderella yet? Because I'm certainly not! Today I thought I'd try another beauty post (eek! I'm not becoming a beauty blogger, I promise. I'd be rubbish at it) in the form of nail polishes that 'go with' Cinderella. For this post, I've chosen nail polishes in the colours of blue and gold, for obvious reasons. So here we go:

The first blue is this OPI one, it's the most Cinderella-y colour in the house (it's my mum's) and is a perfect shade of blue to match Cinderella cartoon as well as Cinderella live action.

I'll be honest, I don't love these Fearne nail polishes, they're far too thick and gloopy for me, but, again this matches the Cinderella colour palette wonderfully.

I get it that this colour is far more Ariel than Cinderella, but I think it provides a nice twist on the colours and adds a bit of sparkle into the traditional Cinderella colours.

Now on to the golds. This is another one of my mum's (she has a lot of OPI) and the shade is the perfect Cinderella-y gold. It compliments the blue wonderfully too.

My final pic is this dark gold Nails Inc colour. It's very opulent and shows off the regal air of Cinderella.

No more beauty from me for a while now, I'm not great at it. I'm sure I'll be wearing one of these come Friday when the film gets released. 


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