Friday 13 March 2015

Little Black Classics

If you're a big fan of books like me, you'll be a big fan of Penguin. The classics are my favourites to read, and Penguin's are the best. They're all so recognisable, with their black spines and white font. I simply adore them. So, when Penguin announced their Little Black Classics, I was overjoyed. Basically, to celebrate their 80th anniversary, Penguin have brought out 80 little books for 80p each, that's less than a cup of tea in McDonalds! They're mostly short stories, poems or extracts from longer texts, and they are so cute. They are perfect for reading on your break, or if you have a bit of spare time. I have two already but I'm definitely planning on getting more soon.

Here's to another 80 years of Penguin and their Classics (although we won't go in to the issue of a certain book that was released as a classic).


Image from Penguin Books

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