Thursday 2 April 2015

The Novelty Clutch

If there's one thing I learned about myself last year, it's that I love novelty clutches. It all started, as it probably did with a lot of people, with the lemon clutch. I saw it everywhere and fell in love with it. Unluckily, it sold out before I got one, but I did manage to get an orange one instead. From then on, I looked at novelty bags a lot, and even bought a few. 

Now it's Spring, and I can start getting excited about dressing again, I've started looking obsessively at novelty bags again, so I decided to put together a little wish list of the ones I'm lusting after at the minute.

The majority of the bags are from New Look; the ice cream one caught my eye straight away, as did the ice lolly one, and I'm still debating which to get. The strawberry one has been on my list for a long time, I am a big fan of fruit bags. The other Ice cream bag is an absolutely beautiful one from Skinnydip London, which I saw on Megan's Instagram. The dreamy shell bag is also from Skinnydip London, and is every wannabe mermaid's ideal accessory. Finally, the ASOS playing card bag is really cute, the hearts are my favourite suit and I do love an ace.


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