Friday 8 May 2015

A Trip to Bath

I'm back! Sorry for my tiny blogging break, I was away gallivanting around the country. At the start of the week, myself and Lee went on a quick little two day trip to Bath, and, in short, we fell in love with it. I'll give you a little summary of what we did, and then I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking (I don't think words could do it justice).

The first day was a little bit of a rush. We got there at around 1pm, but couldn't check in to our hotel until three, so we went to try and find the Royal Crescent. We got lost (lol) trying to find it, but we did find the Abbey and the Roman Baths. We wandered around that area for a little bit taking it all in, and saw a man with pigeons all over him. After we checked in to our hotel and had a little sit down (hotel beds are the comfiest) we ventured back out, this time to do something I was very excited to do. We went to meet Megan!!!  We went for tea with Megan and Grant to a lovely place called The Cosy Club, which we were told was a chain, you couldn't tell though. Megan and Grant were the loveliest couple, and we got on instantly, so I hope I see them again, but enough of me fangirling, on to day two.

Day two was more successful. We found the Royal Crescent, and I managed to get a few sneaky outfit photos there. We also saw the Assembly Rooms, the Pulteney Bridge, a couple of galleries,  and went to the Jane Austen Centre, where the batteries on my camera went, so I couldn't take photos, typical. We then walked around a bit more before finishing our trip with a classic Wetherspoons, sad to be leaving.

Overall, we absolutely loved Bath, and we will definitely be returning.



  1. I love Bath, it's so close to me in Bristol and I just love it's charm!

    1. I loved it so much! I think we're going to go to Bristol next time too! x

  2. I love Bath! One of my favourite cities in the UK. Everywhere you go there's gorgeous architecture to look at.

  3. amazing pooost, all these photos are so pretty! I really wanna go at somepoint because they always do in old books :D xx

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