Sunday 31 May 2015

May in Instagram

Snow White this month / watermelon candles / daisies / Adrien Brody / Bath / declaring my love for Bath.

Studio Ghibli films / birthday presents x 3 / princess cake / Disney Movie Rewards.

Library books / Aurora from Once Upon A Time / national doughnut week / dance show x 3.

Actual blue sky / a night of Harry P and cupcakes / bee clips / a game of Risk.

Trying loads of new chocolate / a saucy wine bottle lady / Marie tsum tsum.

That was my May.



  1. I love this type of post ! I have the same Tsum Tsum ! she s so cute :)
    PS: I am now following you on Instagram.

  2. I have the Marie tsum tsum too, plus the medium one!