Thursday 21 May 2015

Why I'm sad that I'm not going to MCM Comic Con this weekend

When I was younger, I'd never heard of Comic Con. Then, when I was about twenty, I got really into Twilight. I watched the films, read the books, wrote fan fiction (oh yeah!) and even had an Edward Cullen poster. I'm so cool. It was when I was really into Twilight that I heard about Comic Con in America. It had the actual cast there talking about the films! I wanted to go so much, me and my friend Kate used to talk about it all the time, dreaming about the day we could meet Jasper (me) and Carlisle (Kate). Then I heard about the Harry Potter themed conventions, and I wanted to go to one even more!

All the Comic Cons I'd ever heard of were in America, so I all but gave up on going to one. Then, last October, I saw Megan's post on MCM Comic Con in London, and that reignited my love for Comic Cons: I desperately wanted to go to one, but I had no one to go with. And then, Lee decided to tell me that he wanted to get into graphic novels, and I was over the moon! I decided to mention MCM to him over a New Year's Day fry-up, and he was instantly enthusiastic. He said he couldn't wait to go, and even said he'd cosplay as Link. We were all set to go; my blog posts were all scheduled, I was sewing away at my costumes, getting ready, and then, well, it turned out that we couldn't go.

Now, I have to see everyone get excited on the Facebook pages, I have to see fun-looking photos of everyone's weekend on Instagram, and, I'm not going to lie, I am very sad about it. I was looking forward to getting excited about things with like-minded people, I was looking forward to dressing up as a Disney princess and not feeling embarrassed about it/like it has to be Halloween, I was looking forward to seeing Megan & Grant again, I was looking forward to seeing Lee's face light up at all the comics, and I was looking forward to tracking down some green tea Kit Kats.

I know there will be other Comic Cons, but because we'd been looking forward to it since January, it's just made me a bit sad. Sorry for the moan, I don't usually do that on here (or in real life really), I just needed to get it out there, and I can do that on here.

One day I WILL get to go to Comic Con, you mark my words.


Photos from MCM Expo and Briar Rose.

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