Saturday 4 July 2015

Glitterati Instant Wear July

Welcome to my new Glitterati feature! I decided I didn't really like just taking pictures of the products on my bed, it wasn't very interesting, so I wanted to start a new feature, but I couldn't think of one, so I took to the Glitterati girls and asked them. They had great suggestions, and a few said do a 'ways to wear' segment. I toyed with that idea for a while, and then when I was walking to work on Thursday, I came up with a twist on a ways to wear; Instant Wear, which, in my head, means I look at the items, and the first way I think to wear each one, I do it and photograph it. This month is my first attempt at that. This month's theme is 4th July, so all the items have links to the USA. So here we go:

 A burger headband

 Minnie Mouse clips

 Retro print headband. Mine had the Statue of Liberty on it.

 Stripes headband.

 Stars barrette


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