Monday 3 August 2015

Blog Love: Favourite Bloggers

I think it's fair to say that I've been a bit out of the blogging loop lately. Going away usually doesn't tend to affect my blogging schedule  but this time, I've had serious post-holiday blues. So, this week's blog love post is going to be a special one: my long-standing favourite blogs, and the blogs that I'm starting to love more and more recently.

As if I could let one of these posts go by without mentioning Olivia? A favourite blogger from day one, Olivia's perfect mixture of posts, impeccable style and her penchant for a red lip ensure I return to Olivia's blog time and time again.

Megan's blog is, without a doubt, my number one favourite blog. She has the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing lifestyle and personal style posts, the photos are gorgeous, and Megan is definitely the blogger I feel like I connect with the most. 

Carrie is a blogger who I am in absolute awe of. Her blog is out of this world wonderful (almost literally too, since she is always travelling) and every single shot is extremely well thought-out.

My other favourite blog in the four blogs that I always talk about is Paige Joanna. Filled with cute outfits, crafty projects and enough nostalgia to make you wish you were a kid again, Paige is definitely a blogger who has amazing style.

One of the coolest ladies around, Zoe's blog has been on everyone's radar for a long time. A mix of alternative beauty posts, effortless style posts, jealousy-inducing travel posts and the best tips of all the many tips posts that are everywhere, Zoe has one of the best blogs around.

And finally, a couple of my newer favourites:

I've enjoyed Jo and Victoria's blog for a while now, so I knew that the first opportunity I had in one of these posts to talk about how great they are, I would. They both have fantastic style, and are just adorable.

Jordan's blog is my most recent discovery, and I could not be more glad that I found it. A mixture of gorgeous style, amazing lifestyle posts and plenty of Disney, this is a blog I can see myself enjoying for a long time yet.


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  1. Wonderful post!! Thank you so much for featuring me it really means so much to be alongside such well-known and established bloggers who are my biggest inspirations :) I'm so happy you like my blog as well it's made my day! xx