Sunday 9 August 2015

Vintage Village

I've always been quite interested in vintage. Not so much so that I dedicate everything to it, I don't think I'd ever have the confidence, the money or the patience to always wear vintage clothes etc, but I enjoy spending a day at a vintage fair. On the second Sunday of every month, Stockport, where I live, hosts a monthly vintage event called Vintage Village. Last year, Lee and I went quite a lot, but this year we haven't had much of a chance to go. So today, we decided that we would go and spend an afternoon there.

The theme of the month was seaside, so there was ice cream, deckchairs, a face in the hole board and even a few blow-up seagulls. The stalls inside were filled with the usual vintage goodies, with a good mixture of clothes, homeware and even books and records. It was a fun afternoon, and we treated ourselves to an ice cream.


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