Wednesday 9 December 2015

Blogmas Day 9: Festive Candles

I love a good candle, and festive candles are even better. I, like many others, have my favourite scents, and so I thought I'd show you all my favourite Yankee Candles to have at Christmas.

1. Snowflake Cookie
This is my big jar (medium jar) candle this year, and it even gets bonus points for being pink. It smells lovely and sweet, like baking, and the scent lasts for ages.

2. Fireside Treats
Fireside Treats are the tea lights I've bought this year, because tea lights last ages! These smell like Disneyland Paris (in my head) and they aren't too overpowering, perfect for nights when you want a nice subtle smell.

3. Christmas Eve
This is the little jar that I treated myself to this year; Christmas Eve. My parents bought the big jar (actual big jar) of this last year, and ever since I smelled it I knew I had to re-buy it for myself this year. It smells lovely and sweet, and the little jar is so cute.

What are your favourite candles? I'm planning on getting a couple more votives, so I'm open to ideas.


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