Friday 8 January 2016

The Disney Book

Now it's absolutely no secret that I love Disney, so when my sister asked what I wanted for Christmas, I knew what my answer would be straight away. I'd seen this book at various places on the Internet, and I'd decided I wanted it the first time I saw it. I waited, however, and when it came to Christmas it was at the top of my list. Anyway, that's enough on how I came to own it, now I'll tell you all about the actual book.

The Disney Book is pretty much summed up in the title; it's a book all about Disney, and, my is it a book! The book starts with a Disney timeline, then goes on to feature chapters on Walt, Mickey, animation, live action and even Disney parks. What I love about this book is how thorough the information is; there's a page about the desks the animators used, and if that's not thorough then I don't know what is. The amount of detail is enough to satisfy any Disney fan, and the artwork and illustrations in the book are beautiful. It spans every project Disney have ever done, and I'd say it's a must have in any Disney fan's collection.



  1. I got this book for Christmas and it's got a lot in it. Although my Brave Filmstrip is Nigel from Finding Nemo, which is.. weird.

    1. Haha that is strange. Maybe send an email to where you got it from and they might send you a Beave one.