Monday 29 February 2016

February in Instagram

Disney calendar, cosplay, Sailor Moon, Peter Pan'sanniversary.

White chocolate Arandelle castle, blue Aurora, Sailor Moon R, pancake day, pink Aurora, Sailor Moon badges.

Valentine's Day, Anna Pop Vinyl, both cosplays, tamagotchi, sewing machine, Sleeping Beauty.

En route to LSCC, first day at LSCC, pretty area of London, second day of LSCC, next planned cosplays, Lee having fun at LSCC.

Yep, more cosplay, Tigger to break up the cosplay, more cosplay, more badges, blooms are starting, new life motto.

Wishing I was at Disney, Sailor Moon manga, a day at the Lake District, new purse, new cosplay materials.


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